Studio Painting


(Tulips, 2012)

I miss painting in the studio. The last two years have meant a lot of travel and adventure for me and my family. I am seeing, experiencing so much and taking it all in, but the sacrifice is lack of studio time for me. This winter I have worked on a few paintings, but there just isn’t enough time on land, in one place to make a dent the way I would like.

I treasure the days of painting with Trish and the gang in the old studio space… how wonderful it was! They were the most accepting and supportive group one could ask for. I look forward to painting en plein air with my old friends again this summer. Perhaps the studio time will come around for me again sometime.

Until then,… adventure on!



The Rey Home - Npt Life Mag (137 of 235) The Rey Home - Npt Life Mag (136 of 235) The Rey Home - Npt Life Mag (138 of 235)

Traveling in Europe and living on our boat in recent months has kept me from my studio, which I love! I miss it. I just came across these photos, taken by my dear friend Maaike Bernstrom…

Painting en plein air is all I want to do in summer, but nothing beats studio painting in the cold, winter months.  In a few weeks I will be there and painting my heart out. Whoo hoo!

Any requests?

JAC Members Art Show Opening: Thursday, November 12th from 6 – 8pm

Jamestown Arts Center MEMBERS’ SHOW 2015


This painting was painted at Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, looking towards Mackerel Cove (SOLD)

The JAC Member’s Show will unveil new works created by diverse and accomnplished artists in our community.  I will have one painting in the show, joining so many other talented local artists.  Please mark your calendar for the opening Thursday November 12th, from 6-8pm.

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 10:00am – 2:00pm thru December 5



Art Show today! 4-8pm

art show 10 29

Ocean Lawn Lane, Newport, RI  See you there!

ART + ARCHITECTURE! Please join us October 29th, 4-8pm Newport RI

YOU’RE INVITED!   One Night Only

invite ART2015 LMR ART

The home on Ocean Lawn Lane is spectacular and will be open for tours. Yes, it is for sale, too.  It is nearly completed by Horan Building Co. and is the perfect time to see it in this semi-finished stage.  Stop by, pick up a glass of wine and something to munch on, and tour a gorgeous new home and local new artwork.  Art + Architecture!


Painting is my JAM



I noticed a few of my favorite paintings not previously posted… so I am adding them now.  The donuts! Where are those?  I loved painting those yummy fresh delights of dough.  Still-life painting is my jam (as my 9-year old son would state); my favorite way to be.

It is a slow summer of painting – so much to do!   I am in the studio today, so I promise some new art. Last weekend on Martha’s Vineyard with dear friend and mentor, Artist Margot Datz, I am renewed with creative energy! Sophia even came home and straight to the easel. We love Margot. Her next show is coming up, August 8th on Martha’s Vineyard. I will post the details, stay tuned. Let’s all go!

teapot and cup 1newportdonutsbaby

First day en plein air with David Barnes, George, Barbara…

HI!  Wow, I have not updated in awhile.  It has taken me TOO LONG to get my new gear up and running. It is amazing how the much-anticipated upgrade in equipment has thwarted my progress – not supposed to happen! Regardless, I happily painted yesterday with great success at Sachuest Point.  I felt I played it ‘safe’ by painting in a minimalist tonality. I do like what I came up with though. Lovely day, rolling fog and brilliant spot color.  Nice way to get back in the saddle. Sachuest is one of my favorite painting locations.

The day was so grey, with fog rolling in off the Atlantic. Absolutely beautiful in every way.. hard to tell the difference between sky and sea at times. Lovely.


sachuest 6292015


As the fog started to lift, sunlight would shine through to offer a pop of gorgeous color to spots, here and there. Then gone again. Once finished, this board was propped against the leg of my tripod, and as the breeze fell in, my wet painting fell over not once, but three times! All my fault, not the winds, of course :-).   Once it dries I will be able to flick off the dirt specs and dead bugs… part of the job sometimes. This painting is quiet, yet bursts with subtle color.

Looking forward to painting in FL this winter…

Wishing you a warm and happy holiday season. See you in 2015!guillemots in winter_house edge copy


Jamestown, looking toward Beavertail

Summer 2014. Jamestown, Weeden Lane. (SOLD)


Painting Summer 2014 Newport, Jamestown RI

IMG_20140808_145445Jamestown RI Mackerel Cove Beach. 2014

Oil on Canvas, 8″x10″ size.