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29 August 2015

Getting ready for my next show!  My studio is a mess, the dining room is completely consumed with artwork in various stages of framing… so much so, that we put a second dining room table on the front porch with candles and fresh linens… it is so lovely out there!  We wish we had thought of that sooner  😉

The show is going to be great fun and the house that is on tour is beautiful.  Any painter or artist who makes getting ready for a show look easy is having you on… it is stressful and hard!  But so worth it. I can’t wait.

20150827_103949 20150827_104006


2014-10-03 18.11.50 2014-10-02 18.49.10

28 July 2015

Art has a way of finding me when I least suspect it.  My creativity, in terms of painting in particular, has always been intense and cyclical. I paint with fury for a year or two, then I … can’t. or don’t. I do other things, like read, exercise, write poetry, watch documentaries, take long walks.  It is as if I break from an intensity that is unsustainable for me at a consistent level. But cannot wait to dive back in when the time is right, when my soul is ready.

Last year, my husband and I decided to take our kids out of school, travel, and homeschool them along the way. I bought an entire 2nd set of everything I needed to paint on the fly: new easel, paints, brushes, sketchbooks and pencils. I shipped them all to our boat so they were waiting for me to paint my heart out while cruising the gorgeous waters of south Florida. Boy was I mistaken.  As my friend Margot Datz playfully told me, “The heart wants, what the heart wants”.  And my heart did not want to paint. So I didn’t. It had been nearly nine months of doing other things and I am just now starting to get the fever to work both in the studio and outdoors again, and I cannot get enough of it.

As surprises are clearly defined:  [ser-prahyz, suh-]  “to lead or bring unawares, as into doing something not intended”… I was so surprised to learn the intense creativity involved in teaching. Each day was a moving target in curriculum, energy and accumulative thinking. It occurred to me, I had been under the false impression that teachers were not creative? …. I never, never knew how creative one has to be, to be a teacher. As a matter of fact, teaching our two children (now 12 and 14 years old) is possibly one of the most creative things I have ever done. I love it. So much so, that we are continuing to take on another school year of the same and I am thrilled. My painting can wait, if it needs to. The creative passion and force will not dissipate. See our travel-school blog at:

Life! Amazing.


guillemots in winter_house edge copy

December 2014  Happy holidays!



27 September 2013

Newport, RI.  What a fantastic, fun show! I loved every minute of it, and was a brilliant way to show my recent work – in the setting of a recently renovated George C. Mason home.  A huge thanks to Horan Building Co. for opening his home and renovation project to all of us that evening. Also kudos to Garnish Kitchen for supplying the delicious hors d’oeuvres!

Gallery hours are “by appointment only” so please contact me if you would like to see a combination of my studio works and newest en plein air (landscape) paintings.

For appointments, please call 401-662-1363 or contact me directly through this site.  


*invite ART 9-5



20 August 2013

August has been a great month of painting! Gorgeous weather. Colors of the sky, sea, trees have been spectacular.

Look for details on upcoming show in September!  Private show, one day only.  Please contact me if you would like to be added to the guest list!



27 July 2013

July has been amazing.  Many, many days out painting, and enjoying every (hot, cold, foggy, sunny, rainy) minute. The weather has been a gift to paint. I am so grateful for the time!   Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are.. get out there in it!



24 June 2013

It’s finally summer! I am excited to paint outside again and am fully refreshed and inspired. After an early-summer trip to Barcelona, Aix, St. Tropez, Portofino and all over Tuscany … I am ready.  Visiting Cezanne’s art studio in Aix was pure magic.  Need I say more?



15 March 2013

Jamestown Arts Center Member’s Show. Gallery hours:  Wed-Sat 10am til 2pm. Show will run through Friday April 12th.

18 Valley Street Jamestown, RI 02835



26 February 2013

Fakes and Forgeries Show at the Spring Bull Gallery.  Come see my forgery of Cezanne’s  “le vase bleu”.



28 December 2012

The loveliest of  holidays… Family, friends, laughter, joy.   Giving and receiving love wrapped in ribbons of togetherness.

I hope you experience holiday moments  that warm your heart, bring peace to your soul and happiness to those around you… and stay creative in 2013!  Best wishes for the New Year, from our home to yours.

Gratitude, love and joy  •  2013


29 November 2012

Jamestown Art Center, Small Works Show. Opening 6-8pm Thursday.  Show will be up until Dec 22, 2012.  Don’t miss it!


21 August 2012

I love summer.  My youngest children have the most delicious and joyful summer energy – they were made for summer!   A few years back, before they were born, I wrote about my oldest daughter, Sydney and my niece and nephew Cameron and Delaney…

“The pure joy of children.  The sweet breath of beautiful, laughing babies of all ages.  They smell like sunscreen, sweat, sweet milk and baby shampoo, all mixed together.  Their energy fills the air and flows through our hearts.  The love they subconsciously give us in a look or a laugh, is a gift of pure bliss.   Time spent with children is time spent directly with angels.”


17 August 2012

I painted yesterday, and again this morning, at Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge, over-looking 2nd and 3rd beaches. What a beautiful place to be. Both days – painting with friends, chatting peacefully.  It is no small thing that the art community here is so strong, so welcoming, so beautifully gifted… I am truly blessed.


20 July, 2012

In order to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY, one must balance mind, body and spirit. The “care” of one’s soul, in the words of Thomas Moore, is “one of life’s most eminent challenges.”

This gallery of artwork and random medley of thoughts is an extension of my daily strife to achieve a grounded, balanced life.  I appreciate that I can paint freely which facilitates my desire to be in touch with the mind, body AND spiritual aspects of my life..

Painting grounds me. I love that.




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