“An artist needs a certain amount of turmoil and confusion.”  – Joni Mitchell

Free-lance portrait of Joni, painted for a friend in Istanbul, Turkey. August 2018. 24″x36″ Oil on canvas.  © Lynne Rey

Fall Modernism

In the last six weeks, I have visited some great art museums. Mostly modern and contemporary art museums and all in Spain. I feel inspired, looking at and experiencing modern art, and am reminded of the complexity and thought that is required for any serious work.

On Modern Art:

“I frequently hear the question, “What do these images mean?” 

This is simply the wrong question. Visual images do not have to 

conform to either verbal thinking or optical facts. 

A better question would be, “Do these images convey any emotional truth?”

– by American Modern artist, Adolph Gottlieb

Coastal Vistas

Coastal views ©Lynne Rey. 2018 en plein air paintings.

(top: Black Point, Portsmouth RI. Oil on canvas board, 9″x12″) ©Lynne Rey

(lower: Windy Atlantic, outside Newport Harbor, Newport, RI. Oil on stretched canvas, 8″x10″) ©Lynne Rey

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Summer 2018 New Work

Newport is a lovely place to paint! We are so lucky to live here – never a shortage of vistas.

Peaceful Sachuest Point, 6″x8″ Oil on board. 2018

Racing the Windy Atlantic. 8″x10″ Oil on board.


Oil on recycled gesso board, 8″x10″. “Gull’s Rock”


Warm weather arrives late to Newport. Spring is looooong and cold. So I am still working in the studio, hoping to get outside in the next few weeks. Hurray!


Recent work in progress, using both palette and brush.

*Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Matisse Monday

“The Woman with the Hat” by Henri Matisse. (1905)

Copying a master is impossible to do without learning a great deal about how he (or she) worked his (or her) palette. Much can be learned from copying a painting you admire, and in the process, much is learned about the painter.

Photo above, snapped in progress, showing the order in which I think the original might have been painted.  Painted in oil on canvas, 16″x20″.

Fin. The original “The Woman with the Hat” (oil on canvas, 80.6cm x 59.7cm) was painted by Henri Matisse in 1905. The painting is at home in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA), in their permanent collection. The kids and I saw it there last October. It is breathtakingly beautiful in person. My memory of the painting was that it was a bit more vibrant and chunky with paint than the photo I was copying from suggested. I will need to keep adding layers to achieve the texture.

Anyway, a great exercise for a rainy day!

San Francisco MOMA:  https://www.sfmoma.org

“Henri Émile Benoît Matisse was a French artist, known for both his use of color and his fluid and original draughtsmanship.”  Wikipedia




Jammin’ for Jamie Crowley

This lovely painting went to a good home, for a good cause. I painted this after our recent trip through the Gulf of Mexico (January), and donated to the Crowley family fundraiser last night. *It was SO FUN! We chatted, laughed, ate, drank, danced the night away with more dear friends than we can count. We awoke to healthy hangovers made up of blessed and lucky. Our hearts are both broken and full, missing Jaime.

“Calm Waters”

Oil on Clapboard, 8″x 10″, framed in wood with silver leaf