A b o u t

A cup.  An orange.  Three apples in a bowl.

I am inspired by the honesty in basic and utilitarian items we wash, use, eat and store. Simple flowers are so elegant when not over-arranged. This is a collection of ordinary things.   A romantic look at the practical.


In landscapes, my focus is the light, the air, the energy. What it feels like in that moment.  Painting outdoors is the only way to capture this beauty on canvas.


My aim is to capture a moment, when the light is just right, with these glorious, simple treasures or settings. How lovely, is life!  And how fortunate am I to be here. It has been a gift to be able to study these subjects in their simplicity and good-heartedness; spending hours-on-end with the ordinary glamour.

To me, painting is soothing, restful and quieting.  I hope you enjoy this collection.

Lynne Rey


3 thoughts on “A b o u t

  1. Congratulations,. Felicidades I like it very much your paints are wonderful. We have the light of newport on our kitchen in Valencia thanks to your paint . Eva

  2. I honestly love your art! It is so alive and vibrant and it really breathes a fresh new life into these simple moments captured within the paints. The colours are so rich and well conceived and they are beautifully put together! Your art really catches the eye. It’s gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!

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