Painting en plein air Summer 2014


Painting at Brenton Point, Newport, RI August 2014.  Lovely!


Painting Beavertail with friends

beavertails 2 C

It is a gift to be able to paint in so many beautiful places in Rhode Island… and I am fortunate to have such a nice painting group.  Thank you Trish Hurley!

This painting is 9″x12″, Oil on Clayboard.

Painted en plein air at Beavertail Lighthouse, Jamestown, RI.

Finally, en plein air Summer 2014!

three trees goat island washington st dock_goat island…with David Barnes, Lorraine Farrar. Thanks George, for bringing the great book on Turner.

The summer has gotten off to a rocky start, but I’m looking forward to many more days en plein air avec tous!  These are both from Washington Street looking towards Goat Island, Newport.  Oil on board.  xx


It has been the most beautiful fall…

green bridge 2013Extraordinary fall colors. Green Bridge, looking inland: Newport.  October 2013.

Oil on Clayboard. 8″x10″, framed in silver-leaf, wood frame.


A few paintings from the September Show…

mackeral cove framedView from Ocean Drive home looking towards Jamestown, mackerel cove.  This painting will live in Nevada. 8×10″ oil on board. 8×10″ framed in solid wood silver-leafed floater frame. SOLD

sachuest early summer DON willI can still feel the sun from this day painting at Sachuest Point. 8″x10″ oil on board. Framed in solid wood, silver-leafed floater frame. This painting now lives in Tiverton, RI. SOLD

jamestown farm_framedLove these little friends. They are sheep, for the record. Recently sheered, pink and soft. They kept moving on me, so they do resemble slightly a fine “pig”… Jamestown Community Farm, RI  $400 framed. 5×7″ solid wood, gold-leafed en plein air frame.

sachuest summer morning_mark8×10″ gorgeous view from Sachuest Point looking towards the Cliff Walk. Oil on board. Newport, RI SOLD. 

October en plein air painting: Weeden Lane, Jamestown

weeden lane in works

A work-in-progress… painting yesterday on Weeden Lane in Jamestown was a true treat. I feel like I say often, how lucky I am to be able to spend time outdoors, painting with friends… but I cannot say it enough. Lucky indeed.  The cows were spectacular yesterday. I caught a few on canvas, as well.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful this fall.

Newport Harbor with Heritage


Beautiful light, gorgeous view from Newport to cliffs of  Jamestown.  12meter Heritage “photo-bombed” my painting. Couldn’t resist adding them in. Lovely day for a sail!

5″x7″ Oil on Board.  Framed, $400. SOLD

Newport, RI   July 2013

East Passage, Newport RI

maison guillemot 1 copyright

Beautiful weather. Foggy, cloudy, sunny, bright, grey, rainy, clear… then all over again. Chasing the light was thrilling!

Love this painting.

8″x10″ Oil on board. Framed, $850. SOLD

Newport, RI  July 2013

Sachuest Point, looking north

sachuest looking northcopyright

Gorgeous rocks off Sachuest. Usually dotted with fisherman casting off the rocks. Oil on Board.  5″ x 7″.

Framed, $400.

Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge, Middletown, RI.  July 2013

Brenton Point, East and West. June 2013

brenton pt june 2013 copyright

A beautiful breeze and sea full of seaweed and color.  Brenton Point, Newport, RI Looking west towards Jamestown and Newport Harbor.   June 2013.

Oil on board.  $400.  Framed.


brenton pt EAST june 2013 copyright

Brenton Point, Newport, RI Looking east towards Ocean Drive and Newport mansions.  As the fog rolled in, the stunning estates in the background took on an other-worldly lavender hue.   Color abounds on this breezy Newport day!

All while Etchell’s North American Championship making their way to racecourse to the South.  June 2013.

Oil on frame/wrapped linen canvas.  $850.  Framed in en plein air wide, gold leafed wood frame.