First day en plein air with David Barnes, George, Barbara…

HI!  Wow, I have not updated in awhile.  It has taken me TOO LONG to get my new gear up and running. It is amazing how the much-anticipated upgrade in equipment has thwarted my progress – not supposed to happen! Regardless, I happily painted yesterday with great success at Sachuest Point.  I felt I played it ‘safe’ by painting in a minimalist tonality. I do like what I came up with though. Lovely day, rolling fog and brilliant spot color.  Nice way to get back in the saddle. Sachuest is one of my favorite painting locations.

The day was so grey, with fog rolling in off the Atlantic. Absolutely beautiful in every way.. hard to tell the difference between sky and sea at times. Lovely.


sachuest 6292015


As the fog started to lift, sunlight would shine through to offer a pop of gorgeous color to spots, here and there. Then gone again. Once finished, this board was propped against the leg of my tripod, and as the breeze fell in, my wet painting fell over not once, but three times! All my fault, not the winds, of course :-).   Once it dries I will be able to flick off the dirt specs and dead bugs… part of the job sometimes. This painting is quiet, yet bursts with subtle color.


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